Delaunay Triangulation:

The robots maintain the nearest-neighbour communication structure by creating a Delaunay triangulation and they try to maintain a minimum distance by reacting on the current distances to their direct neighbours.

Author: Alexander Schwab

Crossroad management:

Without traffic lights the robots have to agree about who crosses the crossroad first based on communicated data. The communication structure is shown by the violet arrows. Only a few communication links suffice to ensure collision avoidance. The intended direction is shown by the green arrows.

The first part of the video shows elementary situations, whereas the second part illustrates the behaviour of the robots in dense traffic. Quick motion demonstrates that there never appear long queues nor have many robots to stop.

Author: Alexander Schwab

COCO: A flexible transportation system

50 linear motors should be controlled so as to move a ball on a reference trajectory. The theory of multi-agent systems is applied to coordinate the motors. Furthermore, a fault-tolerant control scheme circumvents the obstacles represented by faulty motors.

Author: Kai Schenk