Jan Lunze

Graph-Theoretical Methods
in Systems Theory and Control

Modelling, analysis and design methods
based on directed and bipartite graphs

1st edition 2023, XXVI, 413 pp.
With 71 examples and 63 exercises
Edition MoRa

Many dynamical phenomena seem to be very complex, but have a simple structural cause, which can be discovered by graph-theoretical methods. These lecture notes show for numerous scenarios that the structural properties of a system can be utilised to simplify modelling, analysis or design tasks. The readers learn how to extract structure graphs from diverse information about a system and how to solve problems of systems and control theory in a graph-theoretical way.

Graph-Theoretical Methods in Systems Theory and Control gives a concise introduction to graph theory and applies methods of this field to important systems theoretical problems. The material is divided into three parts in relation to the necessary depth of the graph-theoretical tools:

  • I. Problems that can be solved by graph search

  • II. Problems that are dealt with by algebraic graph theory

  • III. Problems that exploit the decomposition results for bipartite graphs.


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